I created this page when I was asked to give a little introduction to Android for the Finalists of the Informatics Olympiad in Estonia and repeat this some time later as a presentation for our open house. I will compile here some references for the students I am talking to and for other persons who want to get started with Android and mobile phone development. I might also take this page as a base or reference for future courses on mobile computing.

News (from my blog):

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Here are the applications we built together (due to legal reasons I had to replace Kodulaul with a generic birthday song which is under creative commons):

  • 3. Nauryz Meetings 28.03.2013: greet02-adroid-app, eclipse-project
  • Olympiad Group 1: 11:00-12:00: G1Test
  • Olympiad Group 2: 12:00-13:00:` </android?rename=g1.apk&action=AttachFile>`__G2Test
  • Olympiad Group 3: 13:00-14:00: G3Test
  • Open house presentation: will be uploaded after the lecture