Disqus only working for old posts, switch to isso

This is testing the disqus comments, this file was just copied and not generated from a working disqus post. There is something extremely strange happening as comments on my older posts work but not on new posts. It just tells me that it would not load and points me to their installation tutorial with very little documentation and debug options.

I started a discussion thread here, but no answer there in a decent amount of time.

I assume it had something todo with changing my server from Strato to Scaleway and therefore changing my website IP, but this is just guessing.

Suggestions (thanks gour) on the Nikola channel on IRC point me to isso or https://github.com/jacobwb/hashover - however, I am not too happy to put php back onto my own server.

Also thanks to Chris Warrick for pushing me away from yet another weird mailto based discussion system hack.

So, let's take a closer look at isso: https://posativ.org/isso/

And, even if was not really easy to set-up - some quirks in the documentation and the provided debian packages delayed me a bit, but still much much easier and user friednly than debugging disqus.

We are up and running again, I am looking forward to your comments!