Migrating moinmoin

Today I moved moinmoin 1.5 up to 1.8.4. I probably should have done it earlier. I got some great help on irc. Nevertheless, it was possible to do it in one day, which is pretty impressive, I think. I let myself mostly guide by RickVanderveer/UpgradingFromMoin15ToMoin16 and got quite some help on icq by ThomasWaldmann. Thanks! The basic steps were the following:

  1. Try and learn with the desktop edition

    • Download and install the desktop edition

    • replace data directory with old data directory (make a copy of the old data directory)

  2. Use migration step from moin script (RickVanderveer/UpgradingFromMoin15ToMoin16 step 2)

  3. Adapt your macros

    • For PageComment3 I used the version provided by Wenliang Lu.

    • I created new versions for BlogInclude and the Frameparser.

  4. Use sed to adapt some more things if necessary.

    • `` find ./ -type f -exec sed -i "s/[[(ImageLink[^)]*))]]/<<1>>/" {} ; ``

    • `` find ./ -type f -exec sed -i "s/[[(BR)]]/<<BR>>/" {} ; ``

  5. Copy underlay directory back. In my case it was messed up and so didn't allow creating of new pages.

  6. Apply it to your server and adapt settings according to RickVanderveer/UpgradingFromMoin15ToMoin16 step 1.

  7. Fix help-pages - not yet done