3D Discovery Tool

  Why? More and more information in terms of emails, twitter messages, tons of webpages, and blogs create an ever growing information overload. How can we find our way in such an amount of overload? Query based search engines presenting you lists of results are one way. However, there is a possibility of exploration.   3D Discovery Tool Dmitri Danilov developed in his master thesis a way to explore such information in three dimensions. 3DDT tool allows to fly in an interactive way through structured information like webpages or a repository of emails or interlinked documents. It represents an impressive new way to browse information and pick your own path through it.   Learn More All the information related to the 3DDT tool can be found in thesis (mirror).   `Demo video <http://video.3ddt.ulno.net>`__ **Download 3DDT**   Requirements

  • `Panda3D <http://www.panda3d.org/>`__

  • NetworkX (optional)