Active Learning: Gaming and Simulation

This page contains links and information needed for the construction for the game, we develop in the active gaming course (in Estonian). The game will be designed to facilitate collaboration skills for the students of Computer Science at the University of Tartu. We means:

This student worked later on this topic:

Description: Cooperation and collaboration need a lot of positive experience and training for their devel­opment. Software production is nowadays a work where team collaboration is needed, but university teachers claim, that computer science students prefer to communicate with com­puters, not with other human beings. We are creating this computer game in an attempt to facilitate computer science students to develop a better attitude to collaboration. For this we propose a game frame with three phases: playing alone, playing with random team members, and playing with a real collaborating team. Any existing computer game, which satisfies our prerequisites can be used in this frame. We describe an example in which we redesigned the game Bub's Brothers. Our ideas are refined and a new game is wrapped in the project "Orchestration of educational computer game environments". Resources: