F2F IPv6 Proxy

The IPv4 is officially exhausted,  and there are number of services in the Web already which are IPv6 only (exmple: ipv6.google.com). However the major ISP are still using IPv4 preventing direct routing to IPv6 sites. Currently the issue is solved by tunneling the IPv6 routes through IPv4 networks. However the setup is not intuitive enough to the mainstream users. Because of this fact we propose F2F based private IPv6 Proxy solution. It allows to expose the IPv6 routing gateways in private F2F Group. In other words  if one of the friends occurs to have pure IPv6 he can a be a IPv6 proxy for his  friends (who have IPv4 only) within the private F2F group. All the IPv6 requests within the  private group will be served by Proxy-Friend. Currently we are looking for the lightweight opensource proxy utility to embed into F2F distributed application.