PACC (report 1)


this is the first report on the work I done for the PACC Project.

I had joint the group in the beginning of February. First few weeks I was busy with the 4th floor lab setup. During the 1st week I had checked the functionality of hardware, installed Ubuntu on lab machines and reported any hardware related issues to the IT.

During the next week I and Almas prepared the Quiz User accounts necessary for Mobile Computing class. The preparation included network setup, installation of required software (such as Eclipse, Android SDK, drivers) and tests associated with the proper functionality of those programs. Most of the time we had spent figuring out the process of folder sharing between users of the same machine and permission related issues. Next, we started to prepare a sample User for cloning, but since there was enough work for one person Almas took responsibility for that.

Then I had created the Google Group for our team for convenience of group announcements, sharing docs and communication between team members. Then I made up the lab schedule. Also, during that week I continued to look for the hardware since some problems were eventually fixed and new machines required Linux installation.

Next we had tried to clone the sample User account onto all machines in the lab. Because of the network and IT-policy related issues the process took a lot time. Some computers were not connected to the network, some were not working and that all made a lot of obstacles for the process.

After that I had started preparation of GUI for the x11vnc program. I had researched the Zenity utility, functionality provided by the x11vnc itself, and the way the Unity sidebar works. After playing with Zenity and Unity I decided to stick with the roll down list of options, appearing on the right click on an icon because it turned out to be the most convenient implementation for users.