Report (Almas) early draft

Lab 7422

January - february 2014:

Used chmod -R 777 on user/local, created vulnerability that may have been exploited by viruses and malware. Corrected by UlNo (old local folder was deleted and copy was cloned from other PC).

Installed ADT bundle on 3 PCs (Quiz Users created by Yana).

Deinstalled ADT bundle, installed Eclipse Kepler. Added Android, C/C++, PyDev extensions. Using cloning procedure to copy Eclipse on all availbale PCs (around 20).

March 2014:

Week 10.03.2014 - 17.04.2014:  upgraded around 15 PCs using cloning procedure.

Week 18.03.2014 - 25.03.2014: tasked with benchmarking. Busy with exams. Hope to start later at the week - Thursday and whole break.

Week 24.03.2014 - 30.03.2014: benchmarking task not started; from wednesday to friday checked all PCs on problems:  found out that 2 PCs (12, 18) had broken UPS (asked Yerlan to fix this, he brought new on friday); upgraded 2 PCs which didn't update earlier; checked which PCs had long network config (10,11,18 (later)); ran the cloning mechanism and  check_online 7 times, checked which PCs didn't respond (4, 5, 9,10, 11, 12, 16, 18, 19, 20). Tried to identify problem with pc number 29, concluded that problem lies in RAM (later confirmed by Yerlan). Worked with Yerlan (IT dept) on solving problems with PCs 29, 31, he concluded that replacement of RAM was necessary.


Week 31.03.2014- 06.04.2014: tested two PCs with netperf using simple command netperf -H IP address. Worked with Georgiy on some of the problems that were identified on week earlier: proxy refusing connections, and long network config during boot. One of the reasons: week earlier during installation of new UPS router was disconnected. Georgiy instructed me on the solution to problem with long network config. Georgiy also she the light on the reason why class_clone_frome_here was unsuccesful: I should have run host_clone_from_here.