Virtualisation, part II

So, last two weeks were pretty difficult for me, maybe because of warm spring (at freaking last!), maybe because I had studied a lot.

Despite these facts i have some results on my virtualization research.

As a completely new user of this QEMU, VT-d and all other related stuff, I had pretty unpleasant time with lots of theory ( huh, i'd prefer more hands on stuff). Bad news: Iwas VERY slow. Good news: now, if my tests will go OK i have a perfect detailed guide to all other researchers.

So, these are my results:

Got understending of all necessary and lts of unnecessary things. Set up a Windows machine which recognizes my patient ( NVIDIA Tesla k20c). However, this guy is not able to start (windows device error code 10). But this might be ok because non-simulated windows gives the same responce. So, there might be three cases  - all complely gone wrong, all is ok, and it's just visual bug(for this case i will try to test CUDA in some way), or some problems with power supply for these monsterous GPU's(tests performed on two stations, one is the pc  where I performed all the actions, the other is completely new one). Next post, i hopefully will share my way to success.

P.S. Also had some time spent on helping understanding my last scripts, and fixing couple of them =)

Yours, Georgiy Krylov.