Predictions of cloudsourcing costs. I am currently building a simulation system for measuring the load of different application setups in a cloud using the tpc-w benchmark as well as an oscommerce based system. I am currently stuck getting the tpc-w benchmark running fluently. Any help is appreciated. I provide here a qemu/kvm image of my tpc-w setup (based on the manual of Jan Kiefer). Click here to download the archive with the image. In the archive you find a virtual image for testing tpc-w with a 1GB swap and 10GB disk image. The images are compressed in qcow2 format. The root-password is cloudeco. You need a decent version of qemu/kvm (>=0.12.3) installed to run it. For starting the machine execute in the server directory. To stop the kvm login as root via ssh or putty (how is shown when you start and execute halt. To run the test start the virtual machine, login as root with ssh (use the ssh with port-forwarding) and type the following: su - tomcat ./ (for shutting down cleanly do the same, but type ./ Fo actually running a test, change to the local-client directory and run in there something like: java rbe.RBE -EB rbe.EBTPCW1Factory 30 -OUT run1.m -RU 100 -MI 300 -RD 100 -WWW http://localhost:8080/tpcw/ -CUSTA 10 -CUST 100 -ITEM 1000 For the explanations of the values look at the TPC-W RBE documentation (or just type java rbe.RBE for some quick info).