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My current contact information

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P.O. Box 3141
United States

Phone numbers

  • US cell (also works when I am abroad): 678-856-6638 (678-ULNO-NET). This is also my WhatsApp and Telegram contact

  • German landline (sipgate): +49 2402 9791070 (can be called in general, a message will be forwarded as email to me, should I not be online)

(If you call the US numbers from abroad don't forget to dial 001, +1, or the respective US dial code first.)


For my e-mail just add .net to the end of the email address ulno@ulno or remove from the email address z, y, and x.

If you do not trust email as a communication medium and want to contact me securely as well as privately, please send me a message with the program bitmessage to BM-NBtj5VF1i1QvF8D7JKXpKo59S46U4qsZ.


You can download my public GnuPG-keys here:


My CV has its own page.

IM and Social Networks

Social networks

  • facebook

  • linkedin

  • xing (this is not very well updated, so please refer to linkedin and this page here for more updated professional information)

Instant messaging

You can reach me here via instant messaging:

  • matrix:

  • WhatsApp: +1-678-856-6638

  • Telegram: +1-678-856-6638

  • Google Hangouts: unorbisrath

  • Skype: unorbisrath (after agreement, as I only go online there on demand)