Smart Home Installations

Here are examples for different show pieces and installations of smart home systems, click on them for navigation:

eHomeDemonstrator v3

This is the newest version, I built at the Makerspace GMU Mix. Youtube video here.

eHomeDemonstrator v3

Installed resources:

  • Hardware

    • 11x Wemos D1 Mini, running micropython iwth ulno-iot libraries

    • 2x Smart Light Servo Light Switches

    • 5x ulno-iot-devkit v1 on Wemos D1 Mini

    • 2x humidity temperature sensor

    • 1x ulno-iot-display v1 on Wemos D1 Mini

    • 1x xbian with kodi on raspberry pi 2

    • 1x raspberry pi 2 with hostapd as router and home assistant

    • 1x olimex devboard with relay controlling solenoid lock (using 5v+12v 30W power supply)

  • Services

    • devel-board-mqtt adapter for three buttons and three leds

    • smart lock (also using android app to be opened via nfc)

    • rgb-led (as single and neopixel) driver for mqtt control

    • kodi multi media center

    • voice control via home assistant conversation module

eHomeDemonstrator v2

This one was also called the legoEHomeDemonstrator. It was reconfigurable as visible in the pictures, very small and light and had some impressive services. For a video, click here.

eHomeDemonstrator v2 picture 1 eHomeDemonstrator v2 picture 2

eHomeDemonstrator v1

This was the first and most hard to transport. However, it allowed all our researchers and students to really gain hands-on experience with the configuration problems facing smart homes (still today).

eHomeDemonstrator v1