F2F Pidgin Plugin

carried out by Maido Käära


List of papers and links I use for my thesis


Setting up the environment

You will need:

  • F2FCore shared library (

  • Libpurple shared library ( (compile from pidgin source)

  • Python 2.5 shared library (

  • GLib shared library (

  • IDE of your choice

  • Plugin file(s) from googlecode project

To make a working plugin you will need to compile the file(s) from googlecode project to a shared library ( and link it to the libraries. Then copy it to ~/.purple/plugins and run Pidgin IM. OR Checkout the project from Googlecode with eclipse and configure paths (Eclipse project also has a builder that automatically copies the library to ~/.purple/plugins)

Schedule, Deadlines

  • 12/2009 Research plugin development for pidgin

  • 12/2009 - 02/2009 Develop the plugin

  • 02/2009 Write thesis, fix bugs

  • 05/2009 Submission