Information Management

One of my research interests is Inormation Management. I am especially interested to study the search behavior of users when carrying out complex search and in creating support for Personalized Information Management (PIM).

We are currently working on the following projects in this context:

  • Search-Logger -- allows you to monitor most actions carried out in a search, especially intresting when studying search behavior

  • Search-Logger 2 -- The successor, proxy based solution

  • InferatoFs - a fuse filesystem supporting bidirectional links, turns your filesystem into a graph database

  • AEM -- Advanced Email Management -- Research how to make Email Management easier

  • 3D Discovery Tool -- A tool to visualize infomration in a 3D graph to make discovery easier

  • InferatoFs -- A fuse file system to support bidirectional links - turns your fs in a graph database

  • Search Reporter -- a tool based on Search-Logger 2 to publish your own search tasks and teh log how you solved them.

Students currently working in this research group

  • Georg Singer -- Measuring Complex Search, PhD

  • Dmitri Danilov -- Discovery support for Search Systems, PhD (also author of 3ddt)

  • Tonu Tame -- Advanced Email Management, PhD

  • Shazia Javed -- InferatoFs, Master

  • Peeter Jürviste -- Search Logger 2 and Search Reporter, Master -- his blog