Adavanced Message Management System (AMMS)

In this project we research an innovative approach to support our daily management of e-mails and messages for industrial as well as for private applications. It addresses the growing message overload caused by emails, to-do-items, chat, Facebook, and Twitter that we are experiencing. It will combine and research appropriate technologies from text mining, graph based storage and exploration and advanced user interfaces. It will deliver a superior technology for dealing with the amount of incoming messages and for retrieving stored message information. We carry out case based experiments in the before-mentioned research areas. This incorporates developing proofs of concept, comparing them and testing them in sample test groups. We will develop a basic infrastructure (cloud and local server cluster based) to host future service products. We will derive several use-cases for searches, clustering, and information learning. Each will be addressed in the final technology. The prototypical implementation of each of these cases will lead to several components allowing different views, highly intuitive and interactive exploratory interfaces and filter mechanisms, intelligent semantic storage solutions for this case, as well as ontology generators helping in pre-categorizing the case based information.