Development Kits for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart doorbell.

The development kit, I use in most of my classes.

Make sure to also check ou this running document with links to buy components of the kits I use: link to google document

As a bare minimum you should have at least one Raspberry Pi 3 with SD-Card and strong (2.5-3A) power supply, three (better 4) ESP8266 based development boards (like the Wemos D1 mini or NodeMCU), and several Arduino sensors (like button and temperature) and Arduino actors (leds, maybe rgb-LEDs or strips, and a relay or a small servo motor).

The depicted kit contains the following:

  • 1x Raspberry Pi 3 with 3D-printed case
  • 1x class 10 16GB SD-Card
  • 3x Wemos D1 mini
  • 3x short micro USB cable (for connecting Wemoses to power)
  • 1x medium long micro USB cable (for connecting Pi to power)
  • 1x multi USB power supply, power cable, and US/Europe adapter (with 2A per port) to power Raspberry Pi and the Wemoses
  • 1x ethernet cable to connect Raspberry Pi to Ethernet port to have Internet (can alternatively use a tethered connection from a phone plugged into USB)
  • 1x USB power meter to see voltage and amparage
  • 20x dupont jumper cable (mostly male-male connectors, maybe some female-female connectors)
  • 2x mini bread boards
  • 1x simple contact button
  • 1x small servo motor (i.e. Tower Pro SG90)
  • 1x WS2812 LED-Strip with 8-10 LEDs
  • 1x Relay
  • 1x Small I2C Display (i.e. SSD1306)
  • 1x distance sensor (i.e. HC-SR04)
  • 1x temperature/humidity sensor (i.e. DHT11)
  • 1x light resitant diode
  • 1x RGB-LED
  • 1x water/rain-Sensor
  • 1x buzzer

I would love if any company could assemble this kit for me, please contact me if you could - feel free to link to my IoT classes.