Screenshot of one of the first levels.

In the early nineties, when I was still pretty young and at the end of my time at school, I set out to built a computer game for the Atari ST/TT/Falcon series. Trying to achieve horizontal and vertical soft scrolling, digital sound effects, and also starting to have to deal with a beginning fragmentation of the Atari ST platform, I had to face several challenges. I also learned a lot of low level C and 68000 assembly programming.

We (myself and a friend being responsible for the graphic design) managed to face these challenges and released the game after two years of work in 1993. It reached some small popularity in the local shareware magazines and found world wide distribution.

Game menu.

However and in addition to some strategic in-game-mistakes on our side, our platform choice did not prove to be the best one: Atari did not manage to come up with a product which was able to compete with the rising and modular PC platform and vanished into insignificants. I finished graduation, had my own company, found my way back to academia, and also undertook a successfull PhD program.

In-Game menu.

Still, I kept in touch with my friend and we were doing the typical dreaming "one day, we will...". After exploring the world with my wife, I managed to reduce my academic workload for a year and vowed to stop to annoy people with my "One day I will re-implement McMinos." and just did it.

It currently runs on Android and iOS and if there is enough interest, I can also easily implement a Desktop version. Please go to for more information.

Enjoy playing McMinos - and may it live on and inspire dreams and keep lots of dreams alive!