The original include. In my version the labels of pagename, heading, level must be specified. (Call with level=1 etc., order does not matter anymore.) I plan to add the following parameters:

  • leveldelta: the number of levels which should be added to the titles in the included pages (default: 0)

  • displaydate: if 1, display the date (pagename), default: 1

  • showcomment: if 1, show the comments for each page (created with PageComment2 or PageComment3), default: 1

  • commenteditor: if 1, show the comment editor via the specified string (example: commenteditor=PageComment3), default: 0

  • shownumberofcomments: if 1, show the number of comments for the entry. default 0

  • commentpagelink: if 1, show a link to the page, where comments can be added (this will jump to the anchors generated through commenteditor). default: 0

Here is the very initial prototype: There are still some bugs, sorry. As soon as I find some time I will fix them. Here is the one for version 1.8: