Services and Expertise

Services and Expertise offered by

  • Workshops and Classes

    • Internet of Things (IoT) Introduction: Learn how the Internet of Things can influence and facilitate the future of your institution. With my own development kit, you will develop ideas through a hands-on experience. We will explore how small smart devices, sensors, and actors can be used to strengthen your brand, skills, and/or creativity. This workshop is scalable and can be designed to meet your needs. Introductory material can be explored in several hours and more extensive exploration might expand to several days. The workshop(s) might cover various aspects including programming introduction, hardware design, requirements engineering, or advanced networking, and machine to machine communication.

    • Requirements Engineering for Mobile Applications: Does your institution want to create a specification that programmers can turn into an actual mobile app? This workshop will cover the basics of building mock-ups and writing scenarios and stories to successfully design mobile app specifications programmers can work with. You will experience simple and intuitive models to facilitate discussion and product design.

    • Manage Your Own Server: This workshop introduces a server and cloud-based introduction to Linux. It is for clients who already know how to build a website and want to deploy their services to cloud-based infrastructure as well as network them with other cloud services. You will learn easy-to-use methods for working with cloud services, managing software and data, and hosting your own services in Linux environments.

  • Expertise and Other Services

    • Consultation available on the Internet of Things, networking, or software (especially mobile) related projects. Outcomes might include products such as an opinion piece or an expert assessment report.

    • Development Project Support: I can serve as a product owner of a short-term software project for coordinating and leading the software development effort of a small to medium sized development team.

    • Speaking engagements in the following areas (as a reference, compare my list of talks as well as my youtube channel):

      • Internet of Things

      • Software Development and Requirements Engineering

      • Information management

      • Open Source

      • Linux

      • Making and 3D printing