I will offer on a regularly base lab courses with a strong practical focus on programming in a software engineering context. In these kind of course we will simulate a complete software-development cycle in a team and will teach practical knowledge in project management, requirements analysis, software design, programming, software maintenance and documentation. These will be pure lab courses. You will start right from the beginning with the practical work. Build up, coordinate, monitor, and participate in your own software development team to accomplish a common goal.

2008 Spring Term

Grid application development on a PS3 cluster. More at my research lab course page.

2007 Fall Term

Continuation of the F2F computing project with a focus on extreme programming.

2007 spring term

This time, we will together bootstrap a new lightweight P2P client and practical examples from bio-informatics, geology, physics, and chemistry to share computational power. The course number is MTAT.08.013. As this will be the start of a hopefully very successful grid&p2p-project documentation will be stored under the F2F project page.