PACC report 1

Hello, this is my first post during Spring 2014. To start with, my first task was related to NAS (Network Attached Storage), in collaboration with Kamila we assembled 5 Synology DS413j Diskstations. Synology DS413j is a 4 bay NAS server. Each NAS has total of 16TB memory. As always we couldn't install the software using official manual, but with help of professor we finally found our NASs in the network ( more on this in Kamila's post).

After some discussions we decided to implement iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface). iSCSI is an Internet Protocol for linking data storage facilities. It consists of 2 parts initiators and targets. Initiator an iSCSI client in our case it is our Gateway (main server), target an iSCSI server in our case NAS. To create an iSCSI target was very easy just by using Synology DSM. I created block level target using RAID 10 and CHAP Authentication. To create iSCSI initiator I used tutorial in Synology Wiki. There were minor changes instead of "yum install iscsi-initiator-utils" I used "sudo apt-get install open-iscsi", because our Gateway runs debian. Also because our NAS's had about 8TB of storage I used parted to create gpt partition instead of fdisk. Tutorial I followed.

We had some problems with NAS2, its fan was malfunctioning. Now we are waiting until it will be repaired.

Currently I am trying to find some way to recover the Gateway in case one of the NASes fail.