PACC Meeting April 9, 2014

Ulrich: Good news. We might be able to hire interns for summer. Nursultan might be convinced to be POC if I am not available in the summer. We might want to find newer projects, an area where he can perform more work. My wish is that he likes his team and be able to direct it well. Aleks is now with us, and will be helping the administrative aspects, and might be interested in some of your work.

TO DO: Fix gateway. Asset may want to work on this. Asset: I do not know anything about scripting. Might work with Yakanat. Ulrich: I will try in 10 minutes after this meeting.

Yakanat: Tried to fix gateway. Overstacking issue. Can I connect gateway to connect external PC? Ulrich: Someone wanted to work with VPN, Tamerlan: no success, possible password issue, will look into it.

TO DO: Get fixed IPs for these computers, Georgiy's solution may not work.

Almaz: Script I was working on, network performance. Should reinstall network scripts, run corning mechanism, which should solve graphic issues.

Alexandra: MAC Address collection may be better option than of IP addresses, Almaz will get MAC addresses from George. , discussion issues about lack of PCs with Windows.

Almaz: we should ask IT for fixed IP addresses, will follow up with them, Nursultan may provide help with this.

Alexandra: Reading more in depth about computer rack, is this a type of cluster?

Temirlan: Testing, missing working on Hadu-2. Didn't recognize I was working in another section, brought output to wrong node.

Kamila: Looked at logical volumes, could be a good solution. I hope that we get some response. NAS 2, it stopped again once returned to us. We haven't been contacted to see the progress and status. Found solution for logical volumes, almost finished. We have security key solution to restore access. I am switching to an energy saving solution.

TO DO: ask for NAS2. Get it back.

Asset: Working on SSH script, having difficulties. Cannot create auto-mount script. If we lose connection, or if something is broken, this was the purpose of this scripting. Ulrich: Should be common problem, do theoretical research/study for a solution.

Ulrich: Nursultan, what sounds promising to you from various projects? We have insufficient research in virtual networks. We still hope to get these remaining funds. I will return in October for the last days of the semester, in the last 8 weeks of the semester  I will work on the senior projects working with me.

Alexandra, Almaz: Will you be able to do work on the program? Prepare a cover letter and resume.

Ulrich: Plans to get some Raspberri Pis, try out some projects with those. On the 23rd of April we need to do a show of some interesting projects we are working on for the school administrators.