Build Your Own Data Collection IoT Devices at GU, DC USA

I am talking today at the Analytics Seminar at Georgetown Univesity, Washington, DC. Check out my slides here.


DIY technological devices, making, and hacking are becoming more and more accessible for anybody. Especially for creating your own data and doing your own analytics this trend offers exiting opportunities. In my talk, I will focus on a $3 wireless microcontroller based on the ESP8266 (the same chip which is used in the Amazon Dash Button) and the Raspberry Pi Zero W, which is sometimes available for $10. Both support wireless connectivity. Therefor, they are considered Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

I will show you some examples of very affordable and easy to build wireless DIY data collectors involving these chips and how to build and configure these in practice. I need you to interact with them live in class to generate some data so we have something to visualize in the end of the class. I will also show you the Python-based and therefor very accessible ecosystem I put together around these devices.

I hope, I will be able to spark interest in replicating some of the presented ideas or come up with new ideas during the discussion.

I am presenting the following data collectors (most based on the Wemos D1 Mini):

  • Temperature/Humidity based on DHT11

  • Temperature precise

  • Tilt “drink frequency” sensor

  • Noise sensor

  • Obstacle detection

  • Knock sensor

  • And an outside temperature/humidity/vibration/noise sensor based on a Raspberry Pi A