Here you will find my current and past research projects.

Ongoing projects:

  • Programming with an Internet of Things (IoT) Motivation: I am currently designing and teaching introductory programming classes using IoT as a motivation.

  • Smart Homes, Home Automation, eHomes: Everythign in my eHome page

  • AR/VR: Projects around Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard-like, and the Epson Moverio projection technology and related apps.

  • McMinos, a Computer Game, intially only for Atari ST/TT/Falcon, now also for Android and iOS.

  • Mobile authentication: Mobile solutions aimed at replacing our current ways of password-based authentication with the interplay of mobile, wearable devices, the Internet of Things, as well as our behaviour.

  • Inferato: Complex Search, Exploratory Search, Search-Logger, SearchTrails, and more on graph-enhanced search.

  • Mobile Desktop: Tips and tricks around your notebook and mobile portable Desktop environments in linux.

Inactive projects

Be aware, they could be activated at any time again.

  • F2F Computing: Simple tools for a spontaneous, secure and private data, communications, and computational resource exchange

  • Bright brains in informatics: Still in Aachen, I set up a course for gifted elementary school students to get involved in the beautiful world of informatics.

  • PACC, private academic cloud computing.

  • cloudeco: Predictions of cloudsourcing costs.

  • inferato/amms: Advanced Message Management System (AMMS) - new ways to cope with your emails and messages.

  • PS3 Computing: Everything we do on our new ps3 computing engine

  • Active Learning: Gaming and Simulation (ALGS): In this project, we develop a game to facilitate team building and communications skills for the students of Computer Science at the University of Tartu.

  • KangurOS: Maybe this will once be the core of new operating systems. Its concepts for data storage and retrieval are very different and should supersede current techniques.

  • elsim: A little visual elevator simulation, which can be controlled via a network socket. A nice tool, if you want students to develop a elevator control.

  • Fujaba: Here I am mainly involved as a user and instructor. However, my current engagement is more in the area of Story Driven Modeling (SDM) and its current support libraries.

  • Kmail maildir format to classic maildir format and vice versa: Nice, if you use kmail a lot, but want to test some local imap based stuff at the same moment.

Past projects